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Back home for Christmas, December 2013.
A few images from the christmas gifts edito i shot for December’s issue of L’Equipe Sport & Style.
Preview of an artwork i did for upcoming tape of my friend Canblaster. 
French Writer Alexandre Jardin in his office, for M Le Magazine du Monde. 
Pierre Gagnaire, Le Balzac. C-Print, 30 x 40 cm, Limited run, unique print.
From the exhibition at Artazar for the release of Marie Aline cookbook last week.

Olivier Roellinger’s Boat, Cancale, 2013. From GQ Must Eat.
GQ Must Eat is a book about french gastronomy I worked on with food critic Marie Aline. More images and outtakes here. Buy the book here. 
More images and outtakes from reportage Les Paris de Paris in October’s issue of Air France Magazine here. 
Honored to have shot a reportage about Paris for the Air France 80th anniversary issue of Air France Magazine. You can flip through this issue in all Air France planes during the month of October.
The picture on the right is the famous mythological homonym Pâris in company with Hélène, by Jacques-Louis David at the Louvre Museum. 
Green Pot of Gold, 2013.
I took this picture in France’s oldest institution : La Monnaie de Paris, that was founded in 864 by king Charles the Bald. This is part of a reportage commissioned by Air France Magazine. I was told by the workers of the mint that touching those tempting bronze shavings without gloves was a pretty bad idea. 
Sebastien Bras, the son of famous cook Michel Bras, in the kitchen of their restaurant in Laguiole in May 2013.
I spent last spring on the road with food critic Marie Aline, working on a 256 pages cookbook about 45 different french chefs :-D
The book will be out soon in October.
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